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  • 4 Layer Lunch Box

    • 100% brand new and high quality.
    • High-quality stainless steel, solid and durable, no deformation.
    • Plastic handle, scald-proof and more resistant to rising heat.
    • Used only for the storage of food, Not for cooking.
    • The closed container can be stacked.

    4 layered lunch box stainless steel…superior quality material…. easy to clean color as per availability (green, orange, blue). It keeps your food warm for a long time.

    • Non-toxic, health and safety
    • Can be NOT heated in a microwave
    • Large capacity, you can put more food or snack
    • Made of food-grade material and high quality stainless steel
    • The lid with extended fastening design, close the lid and box tightly
  • Digital Counter

    High quality, Long lasting,Durable product digital Tasbeeh or Finger counter. This digital tasbeeh has small and compact screen display. It works by pressing a button and then the countdown begins. It also carries a reset button which clears it to zero. It is universally used as a counter. This digital tasbeeh is durable and travel friendly. It is available at a reasonable price so, order online at and get delivery at your doorstep.

  • Green Laser Pointer

    303 laser Operating Instructions
    Rank:                                                            Class 111A
    Material:                                                     Hard Aluminium
    Surface Treatment:                              Anti cathode Oxidation treatment
    On-off mode:                                          The middle switch press
    Battery:                                                     18650 rechargeable battery
    wavelenght:                                             532nm 650nm
    Output Power:                                       100mw
    Startup-time:                                           10s
    Working Voltage:                                DC3.7V
    Fixed Focus.
    Battery Installation:                          Open laser back cover, battery cathode toward the inside(head orientation), the anode at the switch (the tail direction).
    Opening laser:                                       Use the key to open the swicth lock in the tail, the green button notify us the laser is turn on, and the red button notice us it turn off.

  • Rattlesnake Egg Magnets

    Made of magnetic hemitite. Rattle snake zmagnets. Let make some noise. Makes loud rattle noise as you throw them into the air or let them collide on ground.

    A great stress reliever for adults and a brain toy for Children.
    Beautifully finished, highly polished magnetic hematite ovoids.
    Collide together can give off a buzzing sound.
    A small tool of magnet therapy massage for the old or those who often have great stress and feel tired.
    Ideal toy for developing children’ brain,very helpful for early education.
    Play it on the hand,can exercise the flexibility.

  • Remax Type-C Cable

    For charging devices and data transfer
    • Micro USB 3.0 interface
    • Durable
    • Compatible with devices with USB port
    • User-friendly reversible connector allows you to connect your Phone to your device in any direction.

    Efficient Working

    Lost your data cable or it isn’t working properly? Here is the ultimate USB Type C Cable, which lets you charge and transfer data with great speed and efficiency. It is durable and won’t break easily. Now transfer your data at high speed or charge your phone safely and effectively without worrying about damaging your phone. With the new reversible connector, you can connect to your device without being concerned about the direction in which to plug it in.